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Resident Evil
By: Capcom

  1. A secluded mountain community called Raccoon City has been plagued by strange and violent attacks, by mutant beast and flesh-eating zombies. You are an agent of STARS, a special unit that must take the monsters out.
  2. Solve hair-raising mysteries and uncover terrifying secrets
  3. Battle against putrid rotting corpses and dogs that look like demons as you struggle to survive and save the people of Raccoon City
  4. Tread the darkest corners and the creepiest graveyards as you battle against an unthinkable evil!

Product Description:

This is the game Resident Evil for the Gamecube. This game may not come with the original case and instructions. We stand by our products and offer a 60 day guarantee. If a game does not work within 60 days from the time you receive it we will gladly exchange it for you.

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Happy Customer       rating
by:       on: 13-Sep 2010

I've recently became a greater fan of the Resident Evil series. I love the lone dark mansion setting and the realistic zombies. The graphics are great for their time (and still today). You may want to use a guide/walkthrough of some kind though.

This item was accurately described and was delivered fast and on time. I would do business with this person again.
I wanted to like it...       rating
by:       on: 21-Jul 2010

I was quite eager to play this game after hearing great reviews about it, particularly its atmosphere and general scariness. It was the sole reason I went out and bought a GameCube at my local used game shop. However, upon playing it, I can say it is the worst game I've ever played (and I really don't like giving in to hyperbole). The controls are atrocious (the loathsome tank-style maneuvering that gaming has generally grown out of, thank God), the fixed camera angles are obnoxious, and the general game play saps the game of any fun or thrills to be had. I know it's become common to come on here and rip things you don't like to an unreasonable degree, but I honestly can't recommend this to anyone, unless you absolutely MUST experience the storyline rather than look it up on Wikipedia (ironically, the same category I fell into). Skip this one and pick up Resident Evil 4, by far one of the most enjoyable games I've played, and from the sound of it, the best game in the series - certainly better than this game, to say the least.

*EDIT* Upon reading some of the defenses of this game, I've been informed that the type of camera angles and controls utilized in Resident Evil are key elements of the survival horror genre, and that Resident Evil 4 is sometimes looked down upon (to some degree) for abandoning these principles and becoming more of a shoot 'em up. I will concede that this argument is valid, but it doesn't excuse this game. Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 were far superior entries in the survival horror genre, and they had comparatively far more serviceable controls and camera angles - though they could become something of a nuisance at times, it never ruined the overall experience of those games. If survival horror is what you seek, stick to the Silent Hill series.
One of the best remakes of a PS1 game ever       rating
by:       on: 12-Jul 2010

People who complain saying inventory is limited, enemies are overpowered, camera angle sucks, and there are too many puzzles have never played a survival horror or at least don't know what it is. This game is one of the best I've played and has made me jump a few times, and even creeped me out during my first playthrough because I didn't know what creatures could possible be stalking me. People who say the original is better are also fooling themselves. This game is the exact same as the first, same enemy placement, same rooms, same atmosphere and music, and just improved on the graphics and added a few enemies, areas here and there, the only thing the original has on this is nostalgia. This is survival horror at its best and has great unlockables as well, there are even a few extra modes i cant beat due to the difficulty. The boss fights are fun and the story is pretty original. Another idiot in a review said Lisa isn't scary and just a mindless character with a boring story. Lisa was originally supposed to be in the original but was left out due to time and space. I think Lisa is very creepy because you don't know when she will appear and come on, her story might be sick and sad, but its just creepy thinking about what she does to people and shes a much better boss than Salazar in RE4 or Irving in RE5, who are poor excuses to the series. I can't even describe, its a classic and best Resident Evil game I think, its up there with Resident Evil 2. So pros are

+ Very creepy and don't know when zombies will pop out or where they could be hiding
+ Great story and suspense build as you slowly progress
+ Obviously graphics and atmosphere
+ Actually has you planning how to use ammo and supplies wisely so you dont waste it and run out
+ Boss fights are good, although after a few playtroughs can get easy
+ Story is better than your typical game
+ Ability to play as two characters with separate storylines
+ Ability to change the ending of the game as well as get unlockables for beating it under a certain time
+ Great enemy variety as well as some awesome looking creatures
+ Simple controls that grow on you quickly

And a few cons, but are greatly outweighted by the pros

- Isn't the longest game, can be beaten in under 10 hours the first playthrough if you are used to these games
- Voice acting for some characters like Wesker or Jill is kind of flat and boring
- Gets kind of repetitive after a few playthroughs once you know the solution to all the puzzles and figure out where all the main items and ammo is located, so the puzzles kind of become mindless chores
- If you are low on health and ammo and saved and need to go through a room with a bunch of enemies, you're kind of screwed for good and have to start a new file, so make multiple saves
- Inability to drop items instead if you don't want to put them in the itme box would have been useful but its a minor
- No real extra modes or challenges outside the different main game modes and not too many unlockable weapons or costumes

So my overview is this game is awesome and will be one of the best games you ever play if you don't use strategy guides and you play it alone and preferably in a low lit room at night. After you beat it there are always extra modes like invisible enemy, or survivor mode, as well as the option of beating the game under 3 hours for the unlimited rocket launcher. Its good for a collection as well, so if you do get bored after a few playthroughs, let it sit for a year, and then take it out again and see what you forgot and experience the fun all over again, or play it with a friend who has never played a Resident Evil before, and see how he/she marvels in awe. At least give it a try, you might not like the camera angles and controls at first like me, but just let it grow on you, and learn to appreciate this game for what it is, and you will learn this game is a masterpiece.
A Great Remake       rating
by:       on: 08-May 2010

Both the Remake and the Original are great games. The original I find adorable compared to this one. You play the Remake and it's alot scarier, especially now with Lisa, Crimson heads, and the better looking giant snake Yawn. The Original is easier and a bit faster, since it does not have Lisa, and is still awsome and the colors and controls of the original are so cute. This one has beautiful Graphics, an awsome Rocket launcher you can unlock, the Sameri Edge,very creepy settings, and I love how you can change Jill's outfits and get to see Rebecca the day after the Zero incident.

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