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Intec Racing Wheel for PS2, Game Cube, xBox
By: Intec

  1. Features digital, analog and steering wheel modes
  2. Rubberized grip for better control and handling
  3. Auto centering for improved handling on curves
  4. Analog pedals for realistic acceleration & braking

Dimensions: Length: 14" Width: 14" Height: 10.75"

Product Description:

10-22-2007 - Brand New Item. Description - INTEC G5285 Universal Racing Wheel

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Not as good as hoped       rating
by:       on: 17-Mar 2008

After using Sony controllers, this unit does not translate well to the game. Completely different feel, my son gave up after 5 or 6 tries. He really wanted this, too. Nice idea, but not good enough.
Gamecube Racing Wheel       rating
by:       on: 22-Sep 2007

We looked for a racing wheel for my husband to use for over two years. The prices were outrageous so we kept putting off getting one. When I found this one on Amazon, it was intended as a Christmas gift and my husband was very happy to get it. The only issue with it, is that it does not adhere to surfaces too well, so we cut out a piece of cupboard liner sponge and placed it on a piece of wood. Works fine.
Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Money!!       rating
by:       on: 04-Jul 2007

I purchased this as a gift for my son and it quit working properly in just a little over a month. The first thing that went out on it was the gas and brake pedals. Then the steering wheel itself failed. I expected better from Gamecube, but I won't make this mistake again.
Don't even bother considering this item       rating
by:       on: 19-Mar 2007

on't even bother considering this item, mine broke into pieces just as I was starting to play with it.

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