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GameCube Power Adapter
By: Intec

  1. Maximize Your Gaming Experience
  2. Easy to use! Just plug and play!
  3. UL Approved 110 Volt
  4. Compatible with GameCube

Dimensions: Length: 9" Width: 2.2" Height: 5"

Product Description:

Replaces damaged GameCube Power Adapter! UL approved 110 volt. One-foot long polarized power cable.

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equipment       rating
by:       on: 21-Jan 2010

When purchasing this product I was skeptical if it would work on my console. So far I have not been too disappointed by it's performance. It works well on my gaming console and has had only one minor fault. The only fault is the grounding end of the plug, which can become loose when plugged into an outlet. Overall very pleased with this product.
game cube adapter       rating
by:       on: 23-Oct 2009

I bought this for my great grandson and he said the adapter worked quite well with his game cube.
Good Purchase       rating
by:       on: 09-Jan 2009

I purchased the GameCube Power Adapter for my daughter who is an avid game player. So far, I have not had any complaints from the "Game Room."
She lost the original adapter by hauling the system from place to place like young people do. So, since she's happy, I'm happy, so that makes the adapter excellent.

super game cube adapter       rating
by:       on: 29-Jul 2008

mine got hit by lightening, this one is better than mine because it has a ready green light, thanks!!1

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