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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
By: Nintendo

  1. Set in an era after the events in The Ocarina Of Time, this incredible adventure takes a different young hero named Link on an all-new quest.
  2. Links sister Aryll has been taken by a monstrous bird. Link sets sail to track down the bird and get her back -- setting him on a quest that will make him as much a legend as his namesake.
  3. As you face monsters and try to think your way around obstacles, youll earn the Wind Waker -- a special conductors baton that controls the winds.
  4. Incredible new combat engine with exciting new moves like the parry attack.
  5. Addictive mini-games and side quests will help you earn rupees.

Dimensions: Length: 7.25" Width: 5.25" Height: 0.5"

Product Description:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker returns you to the world of Hyrule as you travel the waves to tame the winds! Brilliant combat, fantastic facial expressions and beautiful oceans will immerse you in the land of Hyrule as you face Gannon!

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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.......       rating
by:       on: 13-Sep 2010

The story of The Wind Waker takes place on a series of islands on the sea somewhere, a first for the series. It tells about Link and his struggle with Ganondorf for control of the Triforce. He spends a good portion of his time trying to find his little sister, who's kidnapped at the beginning of the game. He also spends a portion of his time sailing, traveling through dungeons and temples and the like on his quest to gain power to defeat Ganondorf yet again.

Personally, I don't understand what all the hoopla was about. Back before this game came out, Zelda fans cried foul because the game went cel-shaded, claiming it was geared more towards kids. Once you boot this game up and begin to play, you'll find out this game is still pure Zelda. Besides, sometimes a series needs change to stay alive and fresh. I love it myself and I've been a loyal Legend of Zelda gamer for years. It ranks up there with my other favorites(like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask,The Minish Cap and Twilight Princess).

Gameplay in the game goes largely unchanged from the scheme in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. There's tons of side-quests to do, besides what you do on the quest, that are (as always) alot of fun. My favorite being when Link obtains what they call the Deluxe Picto Box(camera) that he uses to take pictures of enemies and non-playable characters for a character named Carlov, who uses them to sculpt figurines(134, in all). I think the thing I like most about The Wind Waker is that Link can pick up and use certain enemy's weapons.

The cool thing about The Wind Waker is that the story doesn't end here. It continues on in Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS, which follows Link as he journeys to save his friend Tetra from Bellum(the story's antagonist) with the help of Captain Linebeck and his ship, the S.S. Linebeck.

I highly recommend Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker to one and all. It's an adventure that, like Ocarina of Time, shouldn't be missed.

Best Legend of Zelda EVER!!!!!!       rating
by:       on: 07-Sep 2010

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a Cel-shaded GameCube game and is my favorite Zelda game. My review will have sections: Story, Gameplay, Characters, Price, and Overall. Lets begin.
The Wind Waker starts as one of the most beloved video game heroes, Link, celebrates his twelveth birthday. However, everything goes wrong when a giant bird arives at Links home (Outset Island) and is carrying a girl. When the bird drops the girl on the island, Link investigates. But, when the bird mistakes Links sister, Aryll, for the girl ,Links sister is kidnapped by the bird. Joining the girl, Tetra, and her pirate gang, Link sets out to save his sister. However, Links sister being saved is only the start of the journy. Soon Link and Tetra find themselves on a wild adventure with new friends, like a leaf-like being named Makar, and old, to stop the Geurdo King, Ganondorf, from trying to rule Hyrule again.
The Wind Waker features Ocarina of Time/Majoras Mask like gmaeplay. It features new Cel-Shaded graphics, that I think is brilliant. The Wind Waker features Link traveling on a talking sailboat, which is like driving: fun at first, but gets more boring that the most lengthy math class. You can take a half-hour getting from one end of the ocean to the next. I don't mind to much, but I hear some complains. Also, for younger children, there is a enimy at sea called a seahat that scared the crap out of me back when I played it as 9 (my nightmare featured it many times.) It has a giant helecopeter like thing to keep it above water, and huge red eyes...ugh! I delayed a section of the game for about a year because you need to get near those devils.
There are many good characters in Wind Waker, but I wont blabber abiut all of them, only some. Tetra, Makar, Valoo, Medli, and Niko are my favorite, personally. Tetra is the leader of the pirates, and can be annoying, but is my favorite character. She is rude at first, but becomes a great character. Makar is a leaf dude from a species I think was called Korok. He is a cute little guy, and is a sage( sorry if I spoiled it!). Valoo is a draagon who lifes in Dragon Roost Island. Medli is a creature called a Rito, a combination of a Hylian and a Kargoroc(bird). Spoiler: She is also a sage. No Spoiler: Finally, Niko is a kid pirate thatt works for Tetra.
The original price was fair, but the new price on Amazon (for new) is kinda bad (sorry Amazon).
This is a great game that I give a 10/10. This is a great story with new and old friends, and is great. Zelda fan or not, this is a GREAT game. Buy it! I repeat, Buy it! Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker
Exploration at its best       rating
by:       on: 23-Aug 2010

I am a HUGE fan of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA series, though I do tend to use a guide on my first play-through. Wind Waker was the first game of the series that I played, and what made me a fan.

STORY: On Outset Island, there is a boy named Link. On the day the game begins, he is celebrating his birthday, when he turns the same age as the legendary Hero of Time, who killed the evil monster Ganon a century ago. His grandmother gives him the Hero's Clothes, which is what young/adult Link wore in Ocarina of Time. After his sister (his only immediate family member in the entire series, as of now) gives him a telescope, with which he sees a giant bird called the Helmaroc King carrying a pirate girl over the sea. After Link rescues the girl, named Tetra, the H.K. kidnaps Aryll, and the adventure begins....

GAMEPLAY: This game is drastically different from any other major ZELDA title (excluding the CDi games), as instead of taking place in Hyrule, the game takes place on an absolutely GIGANTIC ocean. The dungeon gameplay remains untouched

GRAPHICS: I personally LOVE the art style that Ejii Aounuma decided to use for this game. This "cel-shading", as its puplically called, makes the entire experience look more like a Japanese anime than anything, and I find that it adds some emotion and humor (more of the latter) into the overall ga me, and makes facial animations easier to recognize.

BAD ASPECTS: I found the sailing to be somewhat tedious, and, given the size of the Great Sea, this doesn't help much. You cannont upgrade the speed of your boat at all, unfortunately. I also thought the game was a BIT too easy. Having beaten it 10+ times and counting, I can say that for a fact. There is only one part that I still have trouble with, and one part that I still need a guide for.


Left Analong stick: Move Link
D pad: choose the map you want to display
Start button: pause the game (obviously)
A button: talk, read, pick up, throw, open doors, et cetera
B button: sword
L Button: target enemies/characters/objects
R button: raise shield (when sword is out) crouch (no sword)
X/Y/Z buttons: Equipable items (boomerang, etc)
C stick: rotate camera

OVERALL: I personally loved this game, and it is my current favorite of the series. I reccomend this to ANYONE, and this game proves that "realism means good graphics" is just a stupid myth. The Controls are well-suited to the GameCube controller, and are fairly similar to that of Ocarina of Time's. I cannot reccomend this game highly enough.
I put the graphics aside and still ...       rating
by:       on: 10-Aug 2010

This game in my opinion is the worst installment of zelda that I have ever had the misery of playing. I did not like the idea of the graphics but years ago when I bought this I put that thought aside. I was determined to enjoy another zelda.I was a zelda fanatic at the time. Ocarina of time in my younger years was the only game I owned for about the first year I owned a 64. I was not a hard fan to please, even with the bad idea of the cell shading... The story is where the game takes its next big hit. *Spoiler* I didn't waste my time beating the game but I was told that you turn up being Link reincarnated -- the only reason you wear a tunic is because all boys do when they reached a certain age -- and you need to return to a ruin version of Hyrule that was destroyed and is now under water. Turns out Link never returned after Majoras Mask and Hyrule didnt make it.Lame... I would rather had the installment take place with the original Link saving hyrule and not leaving everyone to die but even with that aside I haven't even hit the bottom of this review yet. Which is game play... If only the game play was good I probably would have forgiven this title tremendously, but as it turns out this is where the title hurts most. Ocarina of Time blew me away with the free roam and truly just how entertaining the game was as a whole. this has free roam but your on a boat sailing at least half of this game. a lot of familer items have been changed IE. ocarina for a conducting stick. The changes could have been good, but in my opinion are a complete miss. Don't buy this game... If you don't own the classics get the collecter disk. If you do Soul Calibur 2 and Smash bros make a decent Link fix and are pretty much your only options for the cube.Twilight princess was meant for wii but is available. Now for those hardcore zelda fanatics new to the series who blow off the bad reviews (like I did) and buy the game...Please imagine me mocking your dumb a$$ when you plop this in and realize I was right.

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