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The Sims
By: Electronic Arts

  1. Start out with just one Sim, living in a shack. Help him advance through lifes important moments and make a better life for himself
  2. Meet and interact with neighbors, flirt with attractive members of the opposite sex, and move into bigger houses
  3. Explore a fully interactive 3D world as you try to get love and money
  4. Meet and interact with a wide variety of new characters found only on the GameCube version of the game
  5. Play with a friend as you play Two-player Sims -- each person controls their own Character in split-screen mode

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.4" Height: 0.6"

Product Description:

The Sims is one of the worlds most popular PC games, and now its coming to your GameCube! Customize your Sims appearance to a new level of detail

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sims       rating
by:       on: 15-Dec 2009

the seller was very speedy to get this to me. it is in really good shape. i find it very fun to play
After 4 years it's still the best!       rating
by:       on: 28-Jan 2007

I have went out annd bought every Sims on console, from The Sims 1 to The Sims 2: Pets, and guess which one was never beat? The Sims 1, of course. Why did EA just decide to do everything their own way?

The Graphics are actually pretty good but I have seen better. They still have that over-head bird's eye view, not exactly a first person's perspective of view. Nevertheless, it is still good enough. You still can see a lot of jaggies that were left over from the Ps2 version. The objects aren't that bright.

There seriously was a lack of objects in this game. Only 4 doors and 5 windows. And close to 50 miscallenous objects. Really should have put more work into the objects and build mode objects. Oh well, who can blame them? They had to do a lot of work making a completely new game.

The Skins are actually nice. Way more skins than in the PC version. And some that I would love to see in the PC version. They were a lot more creative with the skins in this game than they were in the PC version. That makes sense, since we can't just download skins off the internet. The Wii might be able to do that! Sorry, I just had to say that.

For kids there was a pathetic amount of objects and skins for them. I guess it's because nobody really cares about them since they really don't do much in the game. They seriously should have given the kids way more interactions, but it is fun seeing them play tag and run all over the place... really cute. There aren't many interactions for kids. The kids are extremely limited in this game. They just stand around the place crying over some people who didn't talk to them.

The careers... ehhhhhhhhhh... not really great since there are ONLY three jobs which was a disappointment. What about climbing career tree? That was a challenge a lot of people liked in the game. It was hard enough getting promotions since sims seem to find a way to make us really angry by just finding something really small that we could easily walk over and stomping there and shouting some gibberish. The only careers are, The Entertainment Path- Be a Waitress at the beginning, The Daredevil Path, be a Bungee Jump Instructor at the start, The Military Path- Be a Recruit at the beginning.

And for some reason, I just don't like the capitalized letters for the name. I know that's silly but when there's this menu saying "Your funds are high, LEELA's moods are not, why don't you get some objects for LEELA to get her happy?" it just doesn't match. I know it's silly and extremely insignificant but for some reason it bothers me. But oh well, at least there are names!
I would have had given it a 3 but..       rating
by:       on: 17-May 2006

You all probably think I have already reviewed the sims for gamecube.. But I haven't.. Most of my reviews were by my sisters.

First of all. The sims bustin out is a hug improvement to this game.. But there is NO play the sims mode in the sims bustin out.. REALLY stupid. There is only free play. I bought this game so I could actually play the SIMS that started it all.

And second of all. I think they really should abandon that pathetic free play thing. People like making their own neighborhoods. Not just play a neighborhood that was already premade.

This game is really good because you can have babies, pass on your genes, design your own characters (there aren't many optio ns for the face customization though) and they have a lot of cool clothes that they didnt put in the sims bustin out.

I have to say. The neighborhood mode is better than the get a life mode. Because get a life mode is fairly boring. You don't actually see your sims move to a new house.. The T.V. will just go black after you completed every single goal in that house and then you will see your sim standing on the sidewalk of their new house and then their new roommate will say something.

And also, I have to say.. The day dream sequences really didn't make any sense whatsoever. You will be in a mansion and then your sim will say something like "What the .... am I doing here?" and then either Roxy or Randy will pop up from a puff of smoke and then Randy or Roxy will make out with you even if you don't let her you guys will automically fall in love and then Randy or Roxy will want you to play with them in the hot tub that they have at the corner of the room.

Well that is all as far as I can remember.
So Great, so FUN, and so creative, Maxis, how could you have had changed that title?       rating
by:       on: 22-Mar 2006

I love this game so much, I am really tired of Maxis's stupid "new projects", They shouldn't change the aging process, having babies, and neighborhood options, I wish that they made the sims 2 ALMOST exactly like this,

In the sims 2 you live with yuor "roommates" which has no knack to it, this one, you live with your mom, which makes more sense,

Next time, Maxis, take a hint and don't change what the people love, idiots!

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