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Goblin Commander
By: Gamecube

  1. 25 specialized goblin characters in five element-focused clans
  2. 29 total single and multi-player campaign levels
  3. View units and battles from any preferred angle
  4. Fast arcade-style action
  5. Richly detailed and destructible environments

Product Description:

This is the game Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde For Answer for the Xbox. This game comes with the original case and instructions. We stand by our products and offer a 60 day guarantee. If a game does not work within 60 days from the time you receive it we will gladly exchange it for you.

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Repetitive       rating
by:       on: 20-Oct 2010

Can't say much besides try it out. It falls as other people say into the easy to learn, difficult to master category. I'm stuck on act 4 (Plaguespitters) but I had enough fun getting there.
goblin commander       rating
by:       on: 21-Jun 2006

This is a pretty sweet strategy game for 1 player or 2 players in skirmish mode (2-p Battle). here are some tips:

Suicidal turrets: If your enemy is in his base all high and mighty, a good way to bring him down is to have two clans (prefferably one being plaguespitter cuz they are fastest)
send out 3-5 semi-strong goblins from the faster clan. take out 10 goblins from the other clan. take direct control of your fast clan, and run straight into the enemy base. youre guys might auto fight, but keep walking and they will follow. when you have the entire enemy base in sight, zoom home with your cursor, grab a turret, and you'll be able to build it in the center of the enemy base. while your enemy is distracted by the turret or turret(s) run in with youre 10 gobblins from the other clan and destroy their base, leaving them demoralized.

Retreat Fire: when your controlling a warpigpult and hes about to bite the dust, use the c-stick to turn the catapult at a 180 degree angle. now Turn around and run. while running you'll be able to chuck a couple rocks before the enemies disappear beyond the horizon.

Awesome!!!!       rating
by:       on: 14-Nov 2004

This game is Awesome! A great military strategy game. You control a horde of Goblins and your job is to go and destroy the other tribes. At times it is difficult to figure out what to do. The multiplayer is extremely fun but unfortunately only two people may play at a time. You can creat titans that are very large and powerful. The game is very fun and is fairly challenging.
Great game!       rating
by:       on: 09-Jul 2004

Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde is an incredibly fun game. It's one of those "easy-to-learn, hard-to-master" games that make everyone happy. It's a very WarCraft-y game, except that you dont build your own buildings, only repair them. And peasants? Shmeasants. Forget about them. Just fork over 25 gold pieces and the building will fix itself. Now you dont have to worry about mass-producing peasants to make buildings and can focus on strengthining your army/armies. In Campaign mode, you are Grommel, Goblin Commander of the StoneKrusher clan, and you set out to find out what happened to your human creator, Fraziel. Very fun. In Skirmish (two-player) mode, you and a friend select 1-3 army/armies and try to crush each other's villages and armies. Your selections are:

Clan Name: Leader: Strengths:

StoneKrusher: Grommel: Power
HellFire: Grax: Archery/Long Range
StormBringer: Faine: Magic - Long/Short Range
PlagueSpitter: Syst: Poison - Long/Short Range
NightHorde: Naxus: Power/Dark Arts

As I said, you choose 1-3 of those clans and go kill your friend. There are 5 different jobs that you can assign your men to. Here they are:

StoneKrusher: Miner, Rock Thrower, Lugger, Pit Boss, Healer
HellFire: Lumberjack, Archer, Hunter, Bombadier, Scout
StormBringer: Acolyte, Conjurer, Pyro Mage, Ice Mage, Wind Mage
PlagueSpitter: Cropper, Savage, Bile Spitter, Shaman, Spore Fiend
NightHorde: Scrounger,Reaper,Cannibal,Grave Robber,Witch Doctor

Large selection, no? Better still, each clan has their own individual titan, a giant creature used purely to destroy stuff your guys cant handle alone - including your enemy's city and army. Here they are:

Clan Name: Titan: Job:
StoneKrusher: Stone Ogre: Crush enemies
HellFire: Warpig Pult: Fling rocks at enemies
StormBringer: Lightning Elemental: Zap enemies
PlagueSpitter: Green Slime: Absorb and poison enemies
NightHorde: Battle Ball: Blow up enemies

OK, you've seen what a selection you have, so grab a friend and crush them!

The only thing seriously lacking in this game is the graphics. The typical WarCraft far-off view is lacking compared to a lot of other games, but when you zoom in while in Direct Control mode, the graphical appearence gets way better, but even then, if you're looking for a graphical beauty.... grab Metroid Prime or something. But, the best graphics to any WarCraft(ish) game yet, BY FAR. Pikmin-lovers who are old enough to watch green goop come flying out of goblin's bodies should also enjoy this game - they are strikingly similar.

Be SURE to buy this game if you like WarCraft and/or Pikmin. If you don't or have never played this sort of game, rent it first.

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