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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
By: Nintendo

  1. Play 18 holes with your favorite Marioland characters - Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong and more
  2. Use power-ups and each characters unique abilities to get past obstacles and improve your game
  3. As you play through the sandtraps, tall grass and other obstacles, youll unlock secret characters and challenging new holes
  4. Its the most fun you can have on a golf course!

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.25" Height: 0.25"

Product Description:

Tees, clubs, golf carts, and ... Piranha Plants?! It must be Mario Golf! Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and a cast of their cohorts have dusted off their clubs and set their sights on the Toadstool Tour championship. Two new styles of golf courses and a new swing system offer both the seasoned Mario golfer and those new to the game a fresh look at golfing in the Mushroom Kingdom. Features include: Choose to play on a conventional course or an all-new course designed from the ground up to be all about the Mushroom Kingdom! Chip over warp pipes and avoid hazards like Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps and Thwomps when playing on Mario-inspired courses. Tee for two, three or four! You can tee-off solo or fill out a foursome for some friendly competition. Control your swing in a manual mode for experts and a partially automated mode for novices.

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A fun game with lots to do       rating
by:       on: 02-Aug 2009

Mario Golf is a great game because it has lots of modes, characters to play, and lots to unlock. If you're looking for a game with both great gameplay and incredible replay value, this game is for you. It's both a realistic Golf game, and it has some Mario elements. Things like wind speed, and character's techniques affect gameplay. The graphics for Mario golf are also great. I rate this game a score of 86/100.
great game, bad experience with supplier       rating
by:       on: 06-Jan 2009

I have rented this game for my son several times and he loves it so I thought I would purchase it for him for Christmas. Unfortunately, it is scratched so badly that it will not play. We are very disapointed.
Mario Golf       rating
by:       on: 29-Aug 2008

The game worked great. There were not any scratches and the game guide was included which is often unusual. Overall, a great buy from a good seller.
BORING       rating
by:       on: 10-Jul 2008

This is the most boring game I have ever played for game cube. The techniques are extremely difficult, for example, if you don't hit a certain button at the right time, its an automatic screw up. The game looks nice though, I'll give it that. The game just feels slow and repetitive. I'm so glad that I rented it and didn't buy it. But this is just my opinion. If you like golf, this might be a great game for you. I think I just disliked this game because I think golf is just boring.

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