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F-Zero GX
By: Nintendo

  1. This incredibly fast and visually stunning new game, youll race for glory on 20 courses all across the galaxy
  2. Choose from over 30 pilots and racers, then hit the circuits and hunt for turbo boosts as you race for first
  3. Earn upgrades to custmize your racing machine and pilot -- store them on your memory card for racing in the arcade version
  4. Fight for the top spot as you battle aggressive racers through obstacle-studded straightaways, along the inside and outside of pipes, and over massive jumps
  5. Prove youre one of the very best in this intense racing game for the next century!

Dimensions: Length: 7.75" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.75"

Product Description:

This is the game F-Zero GX . We stand by our products and offer a 60 day guarantee. If a game does not work within 60 days from the time you receive it we will gladly exchange it for you.

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Falcon PAWNCH!!!       rating
by:       on: 26-Jul 2010

This game is a great title for anyone who likes the F-Zero franchise, or racing games in general! Some may find the difficulty factor on the hard side, and there are many, MANY items to unlock. One can also sort of customize his vehicles in a "garage mode," similar to the Armored Core games on the Playstation consoles (though not to such an extent as that game.) The arcade edition "F-Zero AX" tracks and items are obtainable in this game too, after beating the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Cup brackets playable through the Grand Prix mode. Story Mode follows the well-known mascot Captain Falcon and allows further points and unlockable movie scenes. In short, it's fast, hard, and a wild ride! Only playing this at home will save you quarters in the long run. I'd recommend it.
by:       on: 22-May 2010

I don't consider myself the best gamer on earth.. but i have some experience... this game surpases every level on hardness i've seen in my life... (save for the ninja gaiden ones)

but it's great =D
good game, but too hard       rating
by:       on: 15-Nov 2009

Good game, and has nice features. It has an excellent feel of the speed you're supposed to be running at. But the takedown is that its WAY TOO HARD for the average player. I don't consider myself bad for racing games, I've played others. But this game is just too hard. The lowest difficulty for career mode is normal, and that is VERY hard, and you still have hard after that.
So, this is more than just challenging, it can be up to frustrating. But its a great game for multiplayer, and if solo for regular races, maybe the championships, but the career mode is quite hard.
Keep them coming....       rating
by:       on: 10-Aug 2009

A next gen version please? It's 2010, and we need a new version of this for the Wii!!!!

But that aside, F ZERO gx is simply THE BEST RACING GAME EVER

hands down....

try the best today..... it's playable on the nintendo wii...

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