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Pokemon Colosseum
By: Nintendo

  1. After clearing various parts of the story, youll compete in the incredible Pokemon Colosseums in every town
  2. Fight your way through a series of difficult battles, using more Pokemon and more complex strategies as you reach for the top
  3. Exciting RPG-style storyline and quests for a more advanced level of gameplay
  4. Upload Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and battle them against friends with a GameCube
  5. Join with a friend for four-player multi-battles

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.5"

Product Description:

Pokemon Colosseum - If youve conquered the Pokemon Stadium games, then the next step up is winning in the massive Colosseums! In this game, youll be challenged to retrain and convert the infamous "Dark Pokemon". These are Pokemon that were mistreated during training. Open their hearts through kindness & training, then battle them against champion trainers in the Colosseums! Work with Dark Pokemon to develop a strong relationship with them -- open its heart so that itll fight for you in the Colosseum!

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An Amazing Game       rating
by:       on: 29-Apr 2010

(Daughter Writing Review)

I'm going to say this right off the bat, I may be biased to this game because it was my first Pokemon game, and boy am I glad it was. The story features you playing as a teenage guy, who must prevent the world from being taken over by this organization called Cipher. Cipher uses Pokemon which have their hearts artificially closed, making them ruthless and dangerous. You must capture these Pokemon back from them by "snagging" them and opening their hearts again. As the story progresses, you will learn more about the organization, make friends and foes, and, of course, have lots of Pokemon battles!

Unlike the Handheld games, you will not be able to capture Pokemon while roaming freely around the towns. There are no badges to collect, but they do have a gym in this game. This game is very easy, but capturing and purifying all of the shadow Pokemon could present a challenge for you, especially if you decide on purifying a few shadow Pokemon and then focus on raising a team. There are plenty of trainers to battle in this game, and in my opinion, this is the best game to raise Pokemon due to Mt. Battle. The music is very good, the best I have heard in a Pokemon game.

However, the stadium mode is, not the best to put it lightly. The game is far too easy, meaning if you work fast enough, this game could be completed in a few days. Sometimes, capturing the shadow Pokemon could be a bit frustrating. You could get their health as low as possible, and put as many status problems on it and it would still bust out of the Pokeball, but that's a minor problem.

Overall, this game is highly fun, but I feel that older fans may not enjoy this game as much as I did. Without the presence of gyms and badge collecting, as well as freely catching as many Pokemon as you choose, some fans might feel a little strange and upset while playing this game. I can understand why, but it's a nice change of pace, and I recommend it.

Pokemon in 3D?       rating
by:       on: 05-Mar 2010

First off, just to let everyone know, I actually picked up Pokemon XD (the sequel) and played it before this game, so now I've experienced the story out of chronological order. Go me! Well, because of this, I'm going to be comparing this game a lot to its sequel, Pokemon XD. I'll also be making some comparisons to the handheld Pokemon games (if you've never played one of those, why are you even reading this?). So anyway, here we go!

Graphics (score 7/10): Well, as far as I can tell, the graphics are sort of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the 3D models for the pokemon look very good. However, the character models on the people are sort of meh. I think it's the art style that I don't really care for. Everyone has sort of a "pinched" look to their face. All the people look very cartoony, which is appropriate for a Pokemon title, so I won't really hold it against them. Overall, the graphics are just average.

Music (score 7/10): Some of the music is remixed versions of songs from the handheld pokemon games (the pokemon center theme comes to mind). Some of it's original though. The music as a whole is pretty bland (except for The Under's theme music, it rocks!). It doesn't really stand out in any way, which is appropriate for a pokemon game. The music is meant to stay in the background, providing a pleasant backdrop for your gameplay. That being said, the music seems to get uncomfortably loud a lot, forcing me to turn down the T.V.'s volume moreso than I do for any other game. I had the same problem with XD, so I really don't know what's going on with that. Maybe Nintendo's thinking that young children need to go deaf?

Characters (score 5/10): Oh boy. Well, I know this is a Pokemon game, and Pokemon is not known for its deep and complex characterizations, but come on! They really dropped the ball with this one. This is some of the poorest characterization I've come across in a game. For example, your main character, Wes, is a silent protagonist. That's not ideal, but it's okay since I've come to expect that from pokemon games. In the opening fmv, he blows up a criminal organization's building (Team Snagem) and then flees with their device, the Snag Machine (let's you steal pokemon from other characters). He used to be a member of Team Snagem, and the entire game goes by, literally, without the player ever getting to hear his motivation for doing so. Why!? Did he have a change of heart? Was he angry with the boss and wanted revenge? Is he a pyromaniac and a compulsive back-stabber? We'll never know. And that's just one example. How about his friend Rui? She joins him and after finding out he's a former member of Team Snagem, she just dismisses this and decides to trust him all within a single sentence and with no explanation as to why she believes in him. Sigh, as we say on the internet, you FAIL! All the other characters, like the villains, are stock and one dimensional, so nothing to get excited about there. Amusingly, Pokemon XD has better characters than this game, so I guess Nintendo decided to improve or something.

Story (score 7/10): Well, after Wes's mysterious change of heart, the story basically follows him as he goes around thwarting the plans of Team Cipher, an organization that makes evil pokemon called Shadow Pokemon. So basically, the whole story is just him and Rui chasing down the leaders of Team Cipher and stopping their plans. It's pretty basic; it's on about the same level as the handheld Pokemon games. Still, it's enough to keep you entertained and playing, so I guess it's no problem there. I kinda like this game's simplicity; it's sort of a good break from more serious RPGs. It's kinda cool seeing the pokemon world in 3D, and it truly feels immersive. Oh, and the town of "The Under" really reminded me of Midgar, so that's a plus too

Battle System (score 9/10): The battle system is just like the handhelds; it's turn-based. I really like this type of battle system, so I'm really pleased. My only complaint is that I feel like sometimes the camera spends a little too much time panning around the battlefield, which slows things down. Just so you know, just about every battle in this game is a double battle. I have no idea why, but everyone just pulls out two pokemon at a time even though they are always battling alone. Go figure. That being said, it's still just as fun as single battling.

Gameplay (score 7/10): This is a bit of a catch-all category for me. For the most part, the controls are good, but I do have one big complaint. Your partner Rui follows you the whole game. If you turn around in a tight corridor, she blocks your way, forcing you to walk really slowly until you can move in front of her again. This is really annoying. I know it doesn't sound like a big problem, but after awhile, it really starts to wear on your nerves. Other things of note... You cannot capture any wild pokemon. All pokemon you get are shadow pokemon that have been taken from other trainers, so this is in no way a proper 3-D version of the handhelds. It's still fun though, even if the selection is a bit limited. My other complaint (a problem which is improved upon in XD) is that it takes too long to purify shadow pokemon so that they can be properly used. You can, however, import pokemon from the GBA games to use on sidequests after you beat the game, so I guess it's not so bad. On a side note, there's still stuff to do after you get your end credits (just like the handhelds) so this helps extend the long term playability of the game.

Overall (score 7/10): NOTE this score is not an average; it's my subjective overall score. I felt like Pokemon Colosseum wasn't really a bad game, it's just not great either. I still enjoyed it, but I don't think any non-pokemon fans would get much out of it. There's really not much here for the general RPG enthusiast since the characterization and story are so basic and simple. Well, if you're a fan of pokemon, go ahead and pick this up (you can get some good legendaries to import to your GBA games), but if you are just a general RPG fan, I'd have to recommend you pass on this game or pick up Pokemon XD instead. Even though I did enjoy them about equally, XD is objectively the more polished and better game out of the two.
Not a bad game over all       rating
by:       on: 13-Jan 2010

Pokemon fans would love this game. It's a lot like pokemon XD: Gale of darkness in terms of the graphics and the fact that the story is centered in the ore region, but there are some major differences. For instance, your character is no longer a young boy who is the son of the director of the Pokemon lab but an ex-team snagem member. You still go around the ore region snaging shadow pokemon and purifiying them, but it takes a little longer since you don't have the purifying chamber. There are couple of down sides to this game though, you can't save anywhere you want, you have to use the P.C. system to do that which can be anoying at certian points in game play. The only other down side is that it's not always clear what to do next in the game. I would reccomend getting a game guide to help you through out the game. Over all though this is a fun game and is worth buying.
Looks good. Plays bad.       rating
by:       on: 14-Dec 2009

I first bought this game thinking it was going to be somewhat close to pokemon stadium. I finally got it through the mail, set it up and turned it on. What i saw was a failed over hall on the idea. There's no rental pokemon, Elite four tower, or even a gameboy tower to put your hand held game on the big screen. You do get a single player story mode, which is kinda fun. but over all the stadium battle idea basic went out the door. This game tryed to put a shorter version of its hand held counter part on your gamecube. Its a neat idea i must say, but they seemed to have lefted it half finished. The story mode is basically you against an evil group of people. There is no wild pokemon to catch and you can only train your pokemon by battling the same trainers over and over. While I did enjoy play this game for a few hours. It did get repetitive. The game does give you a battle mode but you have to use your pokemon from ruby, sapphire, fire red, or leaf green, or your team from story mode. The game has pokemon from all past games but you can only use those four in this one. You cant trade poke from one to another like from ruby to fire red. You cant Play you gameboy games on your tv like in stadium. You only get to catch a small amount of pokemon in story mode. At the end of the day. Its a game that feels like it was halfway done, and was trying to do to many things at once. Its a fun game for your hardcore pokemon fans, but the lover of the game its a bad dream.

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