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Beyond Good & Evil
By: Ubisoft

Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 39

Product Description:

MODEL- 15112 VENDOR- UBISOFT FEATURES- Beyond Good and Evil Jade suspects theres more to the invasion of Hyllis than disclosed. Begin a journey to unravel the conspiracy. Your quest for the truth knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the living, thriving futuristic world of Hyllis; a planet under alien attack for the past 100 years! Take control of Jade, a rebel action-reporter with the fate of the world in her own hands, as you delve into a deep story of deception - gather evidence, expose twisted propaganda and uncover conspiracy. * A Rebellious Hero Use martial arts, stealth, wit and cunning to gather photographic evidence and defeat the alien invasion. * Boundless, Awe-Inspiring Worlds Experience total freedom of movement and discovery as you journey by foot, spaceship and hovercraft through bustling futuristic cities, fantastical landscapes, and even to the moon. * An Epic Story of Truth and Deception Delve into a larger-than-life quest, where you will gather evidence, expose twisted propaganda, and finally unravel the conspircy. -- SPECIFICATIONs -------------------- ESRB Rating : T for Teen Genre/Category : Action/Adventure System : Nintendo GameCube Number of Players : Compatible Peripherals: compatible controller, PlayStation 2 compatible memory card for saves MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;90 DAYS

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Beyond Good and Evil is beyond good... its great       rating
by:       on: 01-Oct 2006

Ubisoft has done really good in building my consumer trust this game console generation and it is due to titles like this one. It is a brand new franchise yet it has the kind of production values in terms of graphics, voice acting, soundtrack, etc that you would expect from a well established game franchise.

This game is often compared to Zelda. The comparision is viable but not totally accurate. While Zelda is about free-roaming exploration this one has a more linear discovery. BG&E game world is much smaller than what you get in a Zelda game and it is a sci-fi alien invasion setting rather than the sword & soccery fantasy setting the Zelda games have.

In this game you a reporter that goes on different jobs to take pictures and submit the evidence of the alien activities. Expose goverment involvement and the works. The game will provide around 15-20 hrs of gametime. It is worth playing through for anybody that enjoys the Zelda games... some things are even done better (like the photography) than Zelda games but just don't expect the same size of world to explore, or the same type of combat/gameplay, or the same variety of diverse enemies and boss battles as a Zelda game.
Finished over a year ago, but I still remember it...       rating
by:       on: 18-May 2006

It's not often that you come across a game that is so good it still ranks among your favorites over a year after you played it. But Beyond Good and Evil was such a game for me. This game had it and varying gameplay, good music, great story, and likeable characters.
You play as Jade (and as a girl gamer, I have to say it was nice to have a heroine to play as for once), who starts the game as a lowly photographer but ends up having to uncover a vast government conspiracy with the help of some comrades. There is a little bit of every type of gameplay in here -- puzzle solving, stealth, racing, hand-to-hand combat, and even a taste of Pokemon Snap!
What really blew me away was the story, which was full of surpises (and stay tuned after the final credits for one more shocker). And you really feel for the characters, I remember there was one tragic cutscene where I almost cried.
The music is catchy too. To this day I can still hum the theme to Mamago's Garage (sad, but I'm trying to make a point here)
The bottom line is, buy this game!!! You won't be sorry
Comparison of versions       rating
by:       on: 19-Dec 2005

I'm a big fan of this game, but most of the reviews have already done justice to its quality (let's say that if Roger Ebert played it, he would understand that games CAN be an entirely valid and socially relevant art form). What they haven't covered, at least that I've seen, is a comparison between the PS2, Xbox, GCN, and PC versions of the game. If you only have one of those platforms, then obviously, buy it for that one - but if you have a choice, which one is better?

First I tried the Xbox version in a store, but initially passed on it. When I went back again to buy it, it was gone. So I bought the PS2 version and played it through, then sold it. Today I found a brand-new copy of the GC game (yes, they ARE out there), and now I'm playing through it again. I haven't played the PC version - it is by far the most popular, which leads me to believe they know something I don't, but I don't have a system that's suitable for trying it out.

- They pretty much all look and play the same - that is, above average, with a lot of fine and unique detail, but occasionally muddy textures (still better than, say, Morrowind). There is an unevenness when turning the environment that sometimes feels like slowdown, sometimes like a framerate drop. Of the three, the Xbox version looks the cleanest, followed closely by the GCN. The PS2 has noticeably inferior texture work and more slowdown. Where the GCN version shines, in my opinion, is in the water effects, which are smooth and lovely, especially out in the open.

- Load times are roughly equal for the Xbox (which has the advantage of a hard drive) and the GCN (which has the advantage of a smaller disk). The PS2 version lags behind, but it isn't game-breaking.

- Controls are equally fluid on all three consoles, and your preference is probably going to lie with which controller you like best. For this game, I like the GCN controller layout, with its intuitive Z-control for the camera, the best of the three.

- The quality of the sound is similar for all three in the standard modes, but only the GCN version supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, a feature which does its part in enhancing the cinematic experience.

Of course, the biggest difference, at least currently, is the price. The PS2 and PC versions were over-produced, so they're easily obtained and dirt cheap. The Xbox and GCN versions are considerably harder to find, and the GCN version in particular is almost a collector's item. (I certainly prize my copy.) But as I said, this game is definitely out there. And if you really can't find it anywhere.. then buy it here and save yourself the hassle. BG&E is one of the standout games of the entire generation.
Cool       rating
by:       on: 12-Oct 2004

This is a fun game! It gets a bit hard and complicated in places, but I still like it!

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