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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
By: Natsume, Inc.

  1. Decide what sort of life youd want to live, as you choose which vegetable to grow, which animals to raise, and more -- six amusing and interesting chapters that span across 30 years
  2. New Event System and wide-open game world for all-new adventures -- no matter where you go, or what you do, something new WILL happen
  3. Interact with 40 unique characters and build solid friendships and alliances -- your success in the game could depend on them
  4. Great new marriage system and the ability to raise a child, bringing your characters life full-circle
  5. Connects with Harvest Moon - Friends Of Mineral Town for Game Boy Advance, for extended gameplay and all-new adventures!

Dimensions: Length: 7.25" Width: 5.25" Height: 0.5"

Product Description:

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life gives you the ultimate role-playing challenge -- take a simple farm boy and help him build a happy, successful life!

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Pretty cool farming game about social developement       rating
by:       on: 06-Jul 2010

I had already played this game before, and when I got a ten dollar gift card to Amazon I looked and found it on it for $10 so I was willing to purchase it.
Fun!       rating
by:       on: 02-Jul 2010

I loved this game when I got it forever ago.

If you want money fast, plant as many banana trees as you can and buy a seed maker. Sell the seeds for over 400 a pop. I learned that on my own early on.

***This may be for Another Wonderful Life***
If you want a really nice playing experience, where things aren't as hard to do, or once you get really far and you don't have Mineral Town to get the extra things, there is a cheat you can use! Just hook up another controller (in slot 4 I believe) and keep hitting the Start button. It gives you full amounts of all the random items in the game (annoying when you have x99 sickles...) I used it to get the new music.

if you have a ps2 do NOT buy this, gamecube owners go ahead       rating
by:       on: 06-Dec 2009

I am a huge fan of the harvest moon series (HM 64!!!) and was very excited to play this, so was my friend. We were so excited in fact that we both went out and got copies, he got one for his gamecube and I got mine for the ps2. We set up tvs next to eachother (haha) and began playing. Unfortunately when Natsume ported this game from the gamecube to the ps2 they did so very lazily, and the ps2 game lags unbearably so. Leaving your house to go outside, or vice verca (or any building for that matter, or going between screens) takes anywhere from 7-10+ seconds of black screen. If this doesn't sound terrible to you right now, do yourself a favor, count outloud right now using "one mississippi...two mississippi..."etc, until you get to 10, or atleast 7, and see how much fun that sounds like to be constantly doing while you are trying to play.

some people argue that since its a harvest moon game you shouldn't mind the lag (oh and by the way not only is there lag between screens, but the game itself just runs more slowly) as its a farming game and not a fps or something. that is a ridiculous argument. you bought the game to play it, not sit there and look at a black screen. Why buy this when there are other harvest moon games out there with no such lag. save yourself the dissapointment, get a different harvest moon game.
not like other Harvest Moons....       rating
by:       on: 15-Nov 2009

I'm a fan of the series, but I had never really bought a Harvest Moon game, only rented. But when I decided to buy, tough luck, I buyed the wrong one. Its boring, growing crops and caring for animals is pointless. You don't really need ANY money at all to survive, you can't upgrade you home, no festivals. It the very worst.
The only two good things about this game are the graphics, and your baby. Your baby can become a lot of things. It grows up to be a man, and can choose quite a lot of careers, and you can influence him on that. The problem is that it takes ALOT of time (30 Years), and you only need about a minute a day to influence him, the rest is TOTAL BOREDOM.
I found myselft waking up, taking to my kid, and sleeping back in until next day and so on.

Its a very bad Harvest Moon, if you like Harvest Moon games, buy another Harvest Moon not this. If you don't like Harvest Moon games, you're going to like it less with this game.

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