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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
By: Konami

  1. A retired spy code-named Solid Snake has been called back into action. His old unit, Fox Hound, has gone rogue. Theyve taken over a military base & intend to unleash a secret weapon known as Metal Gear on the world. Snake is sent in to investigate, and stop their plans if he can.
  2. Incredible 3rd-person action in amazing game environments, as you sneak across a military base -- stealth is more important than shooting skills here
  3. Collect multiple weapons and use your strategic skills to keep from being seen
  4. Fight off snipers, invisible ninjas, psychic warriors, and even an M-1 tank
  5. Linear, story-driven progress and cinematic cutscenes bring the story of Solid Snake to life

Dimensions: Length: 7.75" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.75"

Product Description:

In Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, superspy Solid Snake infiltrates the GameCube for one of the most games ever! Twin Snakes is a complete remake of the legendary Metal Gear Solid, with updated graphics for better, smoother gaming. Prepare to save the world, in the game that launched a classic series and started the spy gaming genre!

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Solid remake of a classic PSone title       rating
by:       on: 23-Aug 2010

What happens when you take the classic espionage story from MGS on PSone and combine it with the visuals and improved game play of MGS2 on PS2? You get a rock solid Gamecube title that brings the storied Metal Gear series to nintendo's console.

Prior to this release, nintendo fans only exposure to the Metal Gear series was the old NES port from the 80s (no, Snake's Revenge wasn't a true MG game) and MGS "Ghost Babel" for the GBC. So bringing this title over to the GC was a huge deal, which involved Canadian developer Silicon Knights doing the game play/programming duties while Konami handled the movie "demos".

Now I realize many hardcore fans weren't too pleased with many of the changes, such as the music changes and over-the-top cutscenes, but I personally found them really well done and quite entertaining. And it fits nicely into MGS2's story... remember when Otacon tells Snake "no more pyrotechnics, ok?". He was clearly referring to Snake's acrobatic nature from this game. This is Solid Snake at his prime, and if we expect him to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Cyborg Ninja, he'd better be able to perform some extreme moves.

While I admit the music changes weren't necessary, the tunes here are still very good and it's cool each boss now how their own theme. That isn't to say all the music is different, the MGS theme is still in the game, just in different places and the fantastic end credit song remains.

Visually the game is a huge improvement over the original. Snow effects are flat out amazing and very realistic. When looking in first-person view you can see tiny droplets of water form due to Snake's body heat melting the snow flakes. And if you stand long enough in the snow it builds up overtime and covers Snake's back/shoulders. Perform a "roll" move and the snow falls off... awesome attention to detail! The game can also be displayed in progressive scan (480p), and runs at a steady frame rate, occasionally dropping here and there but is overall very consistent. No wide-screen is unfortunate but not surprising since the other MGS games at the time didn't have that option either.

Because of this remake I have a hard time playing the old version, simply because of the controls. They are just so much better on the GC control pad, and thankfully the ability to toggle first person view was added so I don't have to hold down that awkward "Z" button. One quip is using the codec/radio. Instead of just pushing "start" you have to hold start + A. They did this so the map/pause can be instantly accessed as well (with start + B). Instead, why not make the map accessible within the codec screen, and unlike the codec it's not like you use the map much at all... so start on it's own does nothing, which is silly. Other than that quirk, I enjoyed the controls and overall smoothness.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is a true classic if there ever was one, it improves over the original in interesting and fun ways, while keeping the spirit and emotion of the story intact. Now all Konami needs to do is release a Wii version for nintendo's current console (with wide-screen!). If that never happens at least nintendo fans have the upcoming MGS3D on 3DS to look forward to. Very few Metal Gear games arrive on nintendo systems, but the ones that do have all been excellent and memorable, and I'm sure MGS3D will continue that tradition.

Not quite as good as the original, but I highly recommend it.       rating
by:       on: 08-Jun 2010

Konami has released a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid. Is it better than the original?

The Good:Gameplay from MGS 2: Sons of Liberty(hanging from ledges, hiding in lockers, first-person shooting, etc.), better graphics, and way cooler cutscenes.
The Not-So-Bad:Music is not as good and voice acting is weird.
The Bad:Nothing

The new gameplay mechanics are great additions, but sometimes are a little unneccesary. Konami has replaced the original's epic soundtrack with dark, moody pieces that don't fit the scene as well as the original. If only Konami had stuck to the original soundtrack. The voice acting is lifeless. In the original, the voice acting was great. In this game, the characters(especially Naomi Hunter) appear to have no emotions whatsoever.
The graphics are great and are much better than the original.
In addition to the main game, there is a Boss Survival minigame, a minigame where the player must defeat all the bosses in the game in order with only one health bar. Seriously, Konami, you think we can do that? The Boss Survival minigame is not as good as the original's VR minigame.
In the end though, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is a great game, and is, officially, not quite as good as the original. But, it's highly recommended.
I rate this game 4.1 stars
never as good as the original.       rating
by:       on: 03-Mar 2010

I enjoyed the new hyped up graphics that the original didn't have, but I've played the original so many times it's not even funny. What I don't like is it's not as epic as the first MGS on the playstation. The emotional moments don't capture someone as well as the first, the dialogue sounds like the voice actors were all hung over and didn't want to come to work that day, and the music blows. I would recommend this game IF AND ONLY IF, you've played the original!! I'll give it 4 stars instead of 3 just to be fair. I'm too hardcore of a metal gear fan to give it any less.
Twin Snakes       rating
by:       on: 04-Sep 2009

Game is awesome along with the original. A little too much matrix remake but still the same mgs experience.

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