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Mario Party 5
By: Nintendo

  1. Play a variety of small gaming competitions to collect coins -- collect the most coins and youll win the baord
  2. Fight against friends & enemies in fun duel modes where you can compete against friends, or gang up on Bowser
  3. The Koopa Kid Brigade will challenge you with their action-packed mini-games
  4. View the game board & get back to the game faster with the new 3-D maps
  5. See if you can beat every game board and win the game!

Dimensions: Length: 7.25" Width: 5.25" Height: 0.5"

Product Description:

Mario Party 5 bring party-game fans a new collection of great party games that star Mario and his friends!

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Best Mario Party. Period       rating
by:       on: 19-Aug 2010

I know the drill. Every Mario Party game is basically the same thing, so I'm not expecting everyone to see this game in a different light. But this game is slightly different. I think the formula is better than that of most other Mario Party games, and for the most part, I bought this so that my friends and I could add something else to our mix of Mario Kart get-togethers and whatnot and for that purpose, Mario Party 5 scores! Buy this if you and your friends need something new and interesting to do. It should keep the entertainment going for the next two months at least.
It's just another Mario Party       rating
by:       on: 30-Mar 2010

Mario party is a great concept that miiiggght have outlived it's welcome. Never the less, it remains solidly the same game throughout all of it's titles. Expect anything different, and your gonna be disappointed.

Mario party 5 is the same game that almost every mario party in history was. There are a varity of board-game style 'boards' with distinct themes. Players can battle against eachother and the computer racing for who can get the most stars. After every round of turns a 'mini-game' is played, in which a multitude of different styles of games, with different combinations of co-oping, all against one, or everyone against eachother, are played. Some are very easy and very fun, and some are very very fusterating. never the less, with the randomness of their choosing and the multitude of styles, there is something for everyone.
The story is, Bowser (that villian!) has invaded the 'dream depot', the place where dreams are made. The host of wishing stars, back from Paper Mario N64, beg Mario (or whatever protagonist of your choice) to aid them in helping the free the dreams from Bowsers grasp. Bowser calls on the aid of his three Jr. Bowsers, red, green, and blue; to help him defeat you. In story mode, you have to duel for money, and as each character is bankrupt from the board, they are out of the game. The goal is to be the last character standing with any funds. This results in a lot dueling, which work as all bowser's against you; two bowsers against you and Toad; or one on one. The story mode is complete with a host of minigames between you and a coniving bowser.

There are a lot of people who complain about the newer Mario Party titles. I don't really have a problem with them. Yes, they are very formulaic, and yes, they very rarely bring anything new to the table. but, they also haven't changed. Meaning, whatever mario party game you can pretty much know what it's gonna be like.

Mario party 5 doesn't have very imaginitive boards, and the interacting between Bowser and his shape shifting Bowser Jr. can be a bit...strange. But the game is just as fun as ever with a group of friends and some suger.

My only real complaints are few. Mostly, the style with which objects are given out bother me. Rather than having items that you buy, as with most MP games, the items in this game are freely given, at random, by strategically placed vending machines around the board. However, if you want to use them on yourself, you have to pay a fee, although you can place them on the board for free, and have them be a happening space. In that way, it makes the game more spontaneous and fun. However, it means that you can't play anything on enemy players, ridding the game of some of the fun back-stabbing that makes the gameplay so great. If you get something like a "Hammer bro" for example, "hammer ten coins away from a player", should you try to use it on yourself...not only will you find yourself paying to use it, but then you get cracked up side the head with a hammer, and mugged for ten more coins. Nothing stops you from paying to have something bad happen to you. Although, granted, it is funny to watch a rookie fall into that little trap.
My other complaint is mostly personal, and probably doesn't apply to most. However, I have small motor problems with my hands. It doesn't effect things like moving a joystick or hitting buttons, but it does affect me HUGELY when it comes to what are known as 'tap' or 'mash' games. Where you have to hit a button as many times as you can in a short amount of time.
While not many mini-games are this style of game, and I can make up for the ones that are with my talent in other mini-games; it does effect me when dueling for stars or money. Also, since dueling is such a big part of unlocking levels, it was hard to acheive that as well.
The duel games are the one on one games, and most consist of tap games. I wish they could have been a little more creative with the interface, as I could handle the problem if it were less than half the minigames. Unfortunantly almost all duel games are this style, which is tedious and fusterating.

Still, it's a good game for friendly get togethers and family compitition. I'd suggest it to anyone who needs a good multiplayer to waste time with.

I give this game a B-

Boring       rating
by:       on: 06-Jul 2009

It's just another Mario Party game. There aren't any high expectations for it. All I expect from this is a mediocre virtual board game with lousy graphics and boring sound. And that's just what Mario Party 5 is. I rate this game 37/100.
Another party.       rating
by:       on: 27-Jun 2009

I love the mario party series. But the thing i dont like is that each party is the same but they just change the graphics and places to go to. In this game it is very fun on multiplayer but like other mario parties it gets boring after a while. The graphics r not very good on this game, it looks more like N64 graphics and the color is dull. The sound is different but it is still like any other marios. This game is fun but it is just like any other parties it gets boring after a while, and the graphics r not as good as the others.

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