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Big Mutha Truckers
By: Thq

Average Rating: 5.0     Total Reviews: 3

  1. Unique gameplay concept - trucking, trading and cunning combine!
  2. Open-Ended Gameplay -players are not forced to drive a linear path in the living, breathing cities.
  3. Four unique main characters each with their own personalities, driving styles and attributes.
  4. Smashable scenery - as the driver of a massive 18-wheeler, youre not restricted to just roads. Use the weight of your truck to discover new routes and hidden bonuses!
  5. Sophisticated Economies - Learn what to sell where and when to stop - or risk damaging the price.

Product Description:

Can you truck n trade your way to the top? There may be some sibling rivalry along the way (not to mention obstacles of other types), but as Ma always says, "When it comes to business, family dont mean squat!"

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A halarious game       rating
by:       on: 30-Jun 2004

I was a little apprehensive about this game, probobly because I had heard nothing about it. But then I fired up my GameCube and loved the game. U have a choice of four redneck siblings lookin' to take over Big Mutha Truckers Inc. in 60 days, which are divided up deliveries, u start off with some cargo and follow the arrows to the destination and drop the cargo off (that's one day). In Hic State County there are five places destinations out-fitted with a shop, where you sell ur cargo and can buy something else, a bar where there's a slot machine and a bartender. There's also a card that says where an item is in high demand, u can also play mini-games when opportunity is given to u. There's also a radio with 5 stations K-ROCK, some new wave station that I can't think of the name of, a rap station I can't think of the name of, Yak FM with local lies where the DJ talks to callers about the cops, "The Women Folks Show" where a person an astrologer talks about people's horoscopes like "Cancer today should be avoided, stay in bed."
The best radio station is yee-haw FM where they play country music and talk about people's problems with Neighborly Jeb(...).One of my favorite games.
Interesting take on the trucking game genre       rating
by:       on: 05-Apr 2004

In contrast to Valusoft's Hard Truck Series, Big Mutha Truckers is less realistic but a great game nonetheless. You play as one of four redneck siblings trying to make the largest fortune and inherit your Mama's company. On the way, you'll do battle with corrupt cops and load-stealing Biker gangs. The game has its own radio stations. Listen to YeeHaw FM and you'll get to hear the swearing and incoherent ramblings of radio personality Neighborly Jeb. I start laughing every time he starts yelling at some hapless caller or guest star on the radio show. Dollar amounts are greatly exaggerated in the game (you'll need to earn somewhere between $30 and $40 million to win) and the cops/bikers become very annoying in the later stages of the game, so you'll want to upgrade your rig early. If you don't mind redneck stereotypes, this is a great game to pick up.
Redneckin couldn't be more fun       rating
by:       on: 08-Sep 2003

I bought this game for $20 bucks at Walmart and I was so amazed at how much gameplay and fun this game is. I mean with a full 3d state and having to travel from town to town to bring orders to the other place to earn money to buy mommas house is just so much fun. Controls are awsome and actually fun to be exact. The graphics I would give a 9 out of 10 and sound would be right up there with it. This game is alot more better then I thought trust me atleast try it. But for only $20 bucks get it cause it is going fast.

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