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Pokemon Channel
By: Nintendo

  1. Player will travel to the mountains, beaches and forests of the Pokemon world, and even make friends with a wild Pikachu
  2. Top-quality Pokemon TV clips are presneted as kids play -- everything from a Pokemon quiz show to a shopping channel
  3. Choose from all kinds of different in-game TV shows, and color them in with a fun paint tool
  4. Display your masterpieces in Smeagles art gallery
  5. Find and collect 3D Pokemon NiceCard lenticulars to play a virtual version of Pokemon Mini!

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.75"

Product Description:

Includes 3 Pokemon Channel e-Reader Cards! Professor Oak needs your help. Pokemon Channel is a TV-broadcasting network that airs a variety of Pokemon programs, and hes selected You as the initial test audience. With the help of Pikachu, and other Pokemon, you can make Pokemon Channel the highest rated channel on your TV. Watch Psyduck deliver the news while Meowth reports on-location thru the Pokemon News Flash. Pay close attention for hits on where to meet Pokemon. Paint your favorite scenes and have them evaluated by Smeargles Art Study. Use purchase points to buy items for your room and make it more Pikachu friendly on the Shop n Squirtle Channel. Play with Pikachu outside and meet many different Pokemon. Play a virtual version of Pokemon mini and select from a variety of mini game titles. Play an all-new animation Pichu Bros. in Party Panic! Exclusively for Pokemon Channel.

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The Definition of "Cute Best Bud"       rating
by:       on: 06-Mar 2008

This game lives up to its reputation for cuteness. I purchased it for both my son and me, both of us being big Pikachu fans (well, my son is into other Pokemon at least as much . . .). It is a simple game, but even though I'm older I still love "being with Pikachu," which seems the focus of it all anyway. As far as I know, this is the best way to have fun with Pikachu as a pretend friend. (I don't get why Nintendo doesn't come out with a new version of "Pokemon Yellow"?) Highly recommended for Pikachu fans.

kids loved it       rating
by:       on: 16-Jan 2007

Its hard to find Pokemon stuff for my son and nephew - so it was good to find this at such a reasonable price. Great product great shipping perfect for x-mas
Excellent       rating
by:       on: 09-Jan 2007

Pokemon Channel is great, my son loves this game. At first we thought that maybe he was too old for this game but when he started playing he enjoys it very much. My son is a huge Pokemon fan and it is hard to find Pokemon stuff in the stores. I placed my order and recieved it right away for a good price. I will definitely place another order in the future.
ok who said that this game is dumb       rating
by:       on: 01-Dec 2006

to tell you the truth this is my kind of game to me its the coolest game ever but of course i like the action and adventure games really good its just i think pokemon is to cool!!i give this game 2 thumbs up

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