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By: 2k Games


Dimensions: Length: 7.25" Width: 5.25" Height: 0.5"

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Very good game.       rating
by:       on: 13-Jan 2009

Great game!

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are pretty good, but the scenery could use a little work, same with the Iraqi soldiers models.

Sound: 8/10

The sound is also pretty good.

Difficulty: 8/10

Ok, this IS a very hard game. In the first level, there are hard parts, and easy parrts. The town area was hard, but the iraqi camp area was pretty easy. The second level was very hard, and all of the others, take time, and lots of skill. So remember, I'm just warning you, this IS a pretty hard game, dont get it not knowing what to expect, and get fustraded because its hard.

A.I.: 7/10

At times, it seems like the enemy AI is better then your squads AI.

Controls: 9/10

The controls are very good. But, if you are new to this game, they might get a little confusing. like commanding your squad members. You press Z, then press down, and an arrow will point to one of your squad members, then, why that arrow is on the one you choose to command, you press X.

Over all: 8/10

This is just a really good game, with some minor annoying things.

Some little things you might want to know.

This game has 10 levels.

This game is Co-op. Meaning, you can give stuff ( guns, gernades, ammo, ect) to your teammates!

If you're concerned bout how bloody this game is.. its not really bloody.
One of the most highly underrated games       rating
by:       on: 30-Aug 2006

I find that it is quite strange that a lot of war games have a lot of media hype like the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series. I found a gem in this game. This game reminds me a little of Halo. It is a fun game that is even more fun with a friend. The graphics is superb. The gameplay is incredible. You find yourself on vehicles or crawling on the ground for cover. It is so realistic that I once threw a grenade and accidently threw it against a post only to have it bounce back at me and explode. This game is a must have for war game and action enthusiasts.
Sweet!!!!! :)       rating
by:       on: 06-Sep 2005

My dad got both games. I thought the first one was good but, man, I wasn't expecting such a great sequel!! I definetly reccomend this.
Conflict: Desert Storm II       rating
by:       on: 31-Oct 2004

Desert Storm II is unique due to the fact that you operate a small team of four elite soldiers both in single player mode or in multi-player mode. One by one, you have to select and move your soldiers into position. Soldiers have access to a large variety of weapons and can swap items between one another. What I like most about this game is that the weapons operate as they would in real life. For example, if you plant a C-4 explosive and then detonate it when you are close, you will kill yourself. Novices will love the machine gun options. You can adjust the gun settings for semi-auto, fully auto, and grenade launch (for guns equipped). Skilled players will love the sniper rifle, which has the capacity to zoom in on an enemy even from great distances. It seems that anything that is possible in real life, is also possible in this game. You will never find yourself saying, "Why can't I...I should be able to..." Each mission offers a new style of excitement. You will face off against infantry, tanks, helicopters, and you will defuse or blow-up weapons of mass destruction. This game offers challenge without the frustration. I recommend playing the "training" sessions before going into war. The training sessions will teach you how to operate the weapons and all their advanced features. I would highly recommend this game for a teenager or more mature player due to the level of strategy and realism. Adult players will be satisfied. This game is worth every penny.

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