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Wario ware,inc. Mega Party Games!
By: Nintendo

  1. As you play through the single-player mode, youll unlock new games & challenges -- over 200 in all
  2. Lightning-fast multiplayer action in bizarre, funny games for up to 4 players
  3. Fun and unpredictable rewards as you play - from mini-movies to music videos
  4. All of Warios developers make appearances here - Dr. Crygor, Dribble & Spitz, Jimmy and the rest of the crew
  5. Youll have to play this one to believe how crazy it can get!

Product Description:

WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$ brings Warios gaming company back for a triumphant return! Enjoy wildly creative little single-player and multiplayer games, starring Warios crew of crazy game developers!

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Sprack 12 opinion       rating
by:       on: 07-May 2010

This game is very fun , when it's your first time at play. The 2nd time around not so much , Multiplayer gives some extra reply some . This game still is fun and will give you and a friend about 5 hours of fun , then it runs flat . Definitely then worth the $ 18 I paid at amazon new shipped. I think the Wii's Wario Smooth Moves offers more fun and none of games say game boy advance on them. This title will offer over 200 fast react games about 5 seconds each and a boss at the end of every 25 levels.
Great game       rating
by:       on: 29-Sep 2009

I bought this game for my son. I had played this game when it first came out and loved it. My son recently got into micro games like this and I bought it for him, but I think I've played it more ha-ha-ha.
Amazing game.       rating
by:       on: 24-Mar 2009

A great version of a gba classic, but with fantastic multiplayer. A favorite among my friends.
amazing fun       rating
by:       on: 17-Aug 2008

easily one of the most fun games on Gamecube. My and my friends played this all the time when I went over their house. There are so many different multiplayer modes, and none of them disapoint. If you've got 2+ people, this game is second only to Smash Bros. Melee in level of fun. real simple concept, but it's just so much fun, and can get really intense if you're trying to win. This is the best WarioWare out there. The others are good, but not as much fun as this. If you're thinking about getting Smooth Moves, DON'T. And get this instead, there's much more fun (and multiplayer options) to be had in Mega Party Game$!, and you'll save $30. (SM = $50, MPG = $20) (If for some reason you didn't know, Gamecube games play on Wii)

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