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Tales of Symphonia
By: Namco

Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 178

  1. Fierce, action-packed battle system with hundreds of special attacks, spells, and combos
  2. Fully customizable character growth system -- change your fighting style and alter the storyline according to the characters relationships
  3. Multiplayer fighting action - Up to 4 players can control one party member each during combat
  4. Unprecedented number of great minigames and side quests

Product Description:

Tales of Symphonia challenges you to answer an immense question: Would you sacrifice your life to save a world? With its beautiful 3D cel-shaded graphics and immersive, emotionally charged epic story, youll walk the line between good & evil -- as the fate of two interlocked worlds hang in the balance.

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One awesome game       rating
by:       on: 29-Jun 2007

For all of those reviews that are one and two stars, I guess that's your own personal opinion. I read this two star review, and some of the things weren't completely true about it. The beginning can be a little slow (depending on your taste) but if you keep playing, the game becomes amazing. The graphics are ok, personally, I liked them, but I can understand why some may think they're childish. Gameplay was very cool. I enjoyed the RPG and real-time fighting style. I am a huge fan of RPGs, and the real-time fighting was a really cool experience. My favorite part though, unlike many of those one star reviews, was the story. In the beginning, it sounds nice and simple. As you move on, it's a little more complicated. Eventually, it becomes really twisted and upside-down, which I really thought was awesome. At times, I forgot about the gameplay and just focused on the story. Everytime you think you figured it out, it suddenly changes on you.

Anyway, overall, the graphics were alright (depending on what you like), gameplay was very impressive, and the story was definetly NOT predictable (for those of you who "guessed 95% of it"). I personally loved this game, but it may not be everyone's type, but I don't think at all that this is something any gamer would hate.

I'd rate this a nice 7 outta 5 stars!!
a pretty symphonia       rating
by:       on: 02-Jun 2007

tales of symphonia is a great example of the new free roaming RPG style. the music and voiceovers are well done and the cutscenes and anime style animation look good on the Cube/Wii. the actual battle system is not completely free-roaming as you can only move forward and backward but the control allow for lots of combinations. the actual story is interesting and charcters are well designed. the only downsides are the AI on both sides are sluggish and the strategies offered for the characters you do not control are pretty uninspired. overall this is an excellent game for any RPG fan.
Tales of Symphonia... Yes it is THAT fun.       rating
by:       on: 12-May 2007

I bought this game in August of 06, and boy was I impressed. I bought it because of the Gamecube's very limted array of RPGS. I have to admit that my exspectations were pretty high for this game, seeing as it got as much praise as it did, but now lets talk about the game. I guess the first thing I'll start off with ...the battle system, and what a system it is. Instead of the very frustrating (to me any way) run around and get a random encounter, you have a choice if you want to get in a battle or not. When you move around you see little black shaped monsters on the field, Run into those monsters and you start a battle, here's the twist. You move your character around in a 3D battle field, attacking with just your normal A button attack or attacking with various special moves called Techs. Sounds simple and it is once you get used to it, but its hard to talk about all the aspects in a review. Later Techs you learn can be in one big combo called a Unison Attack. In a Unison attack four Techs are used all at once without giving your enemy any time to attack, very useful.

The place where the game really shines is its wonderful characters. I won't name all of them due to spoilers, but here are a few. The main "hero" in the game is Lloyd Irving who uses twin swords to attack. He is good natured but sometimes his good actions get him into trouble. As the game progresses though he matures A LOT and becomes, a good leader. Another character is Collete Brunel, a longtime friend of Lloyd. She is the chosen of Mana who is supposed to restore the world's mana by releasing the seals, and at the end of her journey, become an angel. She's a sweet character, and she always thinking of others (sometimes too much.) The third character in the game is Genis Sage, a very smart boy, and best friend of Lloyd. He is the game's main magic user, and becomes quite strong. He usually sticks close to Lloyd, as it seems he is the only one who understands the reason Genis can be timid... The fourth character is a somewhat mysterious mercenary, Kratos Aurion. Not much is known about first, though you soon see he plays a very large role throughout the journey. The fifth and final character I will talk about is Raine Sage, who is the older sister of Genis Sage. Raine is a teacher of Iselia (the town you start out in,) and is the teach of Lloyd, Genis, and Collete, and what a job she does at it. Often throughout the game she will stop to babble about various ruins, and studies and such... but in all a very good, and sometimes comical character.

Well thats it for the characters I'll just end this review by giving the ages of the characters in the game... that I talked about that is.

Lloyd Irving 17

Collete Brunel 16

Genis Sage 12

Kratos Aurion 28

Raine Sage 23

Bottom line, if you are a fan of RPGS and only have a gamecube... This is the game to get, its the BEST one you can get. If you could give or take a RPG... buy it anyway. My exspectations were very high and they were met. Amazon does not have it in stock anymore (why I don't know) but a good place to check would be ebay. Last comment... BUY THE GAME!
An Excellent Game for the Gamecube       rating
by:       on: 07-Apr 2007

Tales of Symphonia, comes out for the Gamecube and WHAM! What a HIT.


Great Graphics, what can you expect from a Japanese game? Good looking character designs, good looking world. Simple 3D models but excellent use of textures.


Excellent, though I have tried the Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2 battle sequence, Tales of Symphonia still keeps its tradition, except the battle is in 3D. You love the battle sequence because it is very engaging.


Absolutely Great! I have been waiting for so long for a game to hold my interest and this is the one of them, a lot of plot twist coming at you!


The game may have its weak points but it strengths compliments it. If you are a gamer looking for a good rpg with a great story and gameplay. Give it a try you won't regret.

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