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Sonic Gems Collection
By: Sega Of America, Inc.

  1. Three main titles
  2. Six additional Game Gear titles:
  3. Two extra unlockable titles
  4. Players can also unlock classic Game Gear Sonic games like Sonic Spinball, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic - Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift 2, Tails Skypatrol and Tails Adventures

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.75"

Product Description:

A second collection of classic Sonic The Hedgehog games, with nine total games (and some secret games) which include Sonic CD, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters and more. Also included is a Museum Mode of Sonic history.

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mostlymusic-biz $57.77 1-2 business days

Long time sonic fans rejoice!!!       rating
by:       on: 12-May 2010

This game is cool!!! If you like fighting, there is sonic the fighters! {rare game} Racing fans enjoy sonic R, and platformers and sonic experts play sonic CD {another rare game} this is better than sonic gems collection!!!
Good Buy       rating
by:       on: 18-Jan 2010

This was one of the things my daughter requested this year for Christmas. Couldn't find it in any of the game stores locally so I checked Amazon. Was very happy with the price. Shipping was very quick especially considering how close to Christmas it was. My daughter has been very happy with it. She is a Sonic fanatic so it was a must have for her. I haven't played the game myself but she enjoys it quite a bit.
Yes, These are Gems       rating
by:       on: 29-Jun 2009

I was sort of disappointed when I read some of the reviews for Sonic Gems Collection, and I want to set something straight before I start the real review. These ARE gems, actually, because they were a big part of Sonic's history. If you don't like the new Sonic games, maybe you'll be more comfortable playing titles like Sonic R, Sonic CD, and Sonic the Fighters. I have both Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic Gems Collection and I enjoy having both. I hope some people weren't expecting PS3 games.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll start with the games. Sonic the Fighters is EXTREMELY exclusive, unless you would want to get one of those big, bulky arcade machines. When I heard how good Sonic CD was, I felt like I was really missing out (I have an XP, it doesn't work for that) and the same with Sonic R. It also has Vectorman and Vectorman 2-I didn't play them yet, but I heard they were really good, so that's another plus in this game. This collection is very exclusive, and I would suggest any Sonic fan to buy it.
Sonic Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       rating
by:       on: 07-Jun 2009

yo this is a great collection and for the price well worth it.sure i wish sonic cd would have been included on the sonic mega collection plus but since things dont always work out the way you want em too this compilation will sonic r and sonic fighters are nothing to squack at.Finally the music in sonic r and sonic cd is very catchy and its like so corny its good.

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