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Mario Superstar Baseball
By: Nintendo

  1. Wild power-ups enhance your characters fielding and pitching controls
  2. Try out Challenge Mode, where youll wander the land clearing baseball trials
  3. Go to the Toy Field, where you can hit balls at targets to earn coins and other prizes
  4. More than 50 characters from the Mario universe to play with, or against
  5. Crazy mini-games and four-person multiplayer action

Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 5.5" Height: 0.75"

Product Description:

This is the game Mario Superstar Baseball for the Gamecube. This game may not come with the original case and instructions. We stand by our products and offer a 60 day guarantee. If a game does not work within 60 days from the time you receive it we will gladly exchange it for you.

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Mario Superstar Baseball       rating
by:       on: 07-Aug 2010

I have always enjoyed watching and playing baseball, and I enjoy Mario games as well, so I decided I'd give Mario Superstar Baseball a try. Of course if the title says "Mario" it's going to be a zany game and this game is no exception, many characters have their own special abilities while pitching and while batting, and there are also crazy obstacles on the baseball field. And let me tell you, I had a blast playing at first, but after a while it got quite repetitive. But I'll explain this later in my review. First of all, the graphics are fantastic, and the characters look very smooth and round, and they all bat, pitch and run differently and they are all better and worse at some things. Bowser for example, is very powerful but very slow, and Goomba's are very weak but very fast, so if you need someone to run bases fast you may want to select a Goomba over Bowser. And there are so many characters to choose from, my favorite character's to use are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, but everyone will have their own favorite. And not only are there a vast amount of characters, there are also six stadiums to choose from. If you want to play an exhibition game with no obstacles Mario Stadium is the best one to choose, this stadium is most similar to a real baseball game, but if you want obstacles choose the other five, there are cannon's that shoot barrels onto the field, fireballs, Piranha plants that eat your baseball and so many more. It makes the gaming experience a lot more fun, and another addition is the music, it doesn't get annoying and it blends into the Mario universe. But that stupid umpire drives me nuts, the way he says "strike!" and "ball!" really gets on my nerves, and it's so repetitive. Speaking of repetitive, unfortunately that's the biggest complaint I have in the game, the entire game gets repetitive after you've mastered it down. I've been able to outscore the opponent 43 - 01...on the highest difficulty. This is a major problem with sports games, and Mario Superstar Baseball is no exception. I'd highly recommend playing the exhibition games with another friend and it'll make your experience with this game much more enjoyable.

But I do like the wide selection of stadiums and challenges. If you just want to get into the game and play, you should choose exhibition mode, you can choose from twelve captains and you can also choose your difficulty setting and how many innings you want to play, the minimum is one inning and the maximum nine. And there are over thirty characters to select from but if you want to unlock all of them you should play in challenge mode, in challenge mode you start with a pre-built team and you need to challenge other teams, to add more additions. There are specific challenges given for example "steal a base" and if you succeed you can add more and more additions to your team. I found this mode very enjoyable and all the different challenges made it hard for me to stop playing, and to make it even better you can also shop and give your character's special abilities to give you an edge. And after you defeat all the teams, you will face the ultimate challenge...Bowser, and when you defeat him you unlock his stadium to play in exhibition mode, so there is a big reason to play challenge, to get characters, special abilities and an entire stadium. There also is a very fun stadium called Toy Field, and the mini-games are great. My favorite is Wall Ball and Bob-omb Derby, and in all there are seven mini-games.

This game's main problem is the repetitiveness, but if you've got a friend to play this with, please do, it will be a whole lot more fun. So even though I do have some complaints with Mario Superstar Baseball, it's still a worthy piece in your gaming collection.

Fun game       rating
by:       on: 22-Jul 2010

This is a fun game and is a cheeper alternative to the new Mario Baseball game for Wii which is pretty much the same thing.
The Best Game Ever!!!!       rating
by:       on: 13-Mar 2010

I've had this game since it came out so I'm writing a long overdue review. I love Mario games and I love Baseball games. This game is the perfect combo for me. The characters are great, for the most part the baseball is realistic but if you play at the other ballparks things can get wild and crazy. And if you play with star skills unexpected things happen. But that's the fun of the game. The baserunning and stealing are both great and easy to do. You get a lot of hits and home runs. And the pitching is fun too. An all around perfect game for me. I've had a lot of fun with this game and I'm looking forward to getting Mario Super Sluggers soon. I sure hope the new game is as good as this one. 10 Stars!
Great       rating
by:       on: 17-Oct 2009

Great, Fun, my little brother loves playing it, and even gets me into it sometimes

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