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Come the Revolution

If the GameCube has already suffered a premature death, what should Nintendo do to ensure the Revolution doesn't see the same fate? Matt Martin spoke to some leading UK games industry figures about their thoughts on the challenges for Nintendo's next home console...

The 'next generation' may have already begun, but the current generation of home consoles still beats with a strong heart. Titles such as Black, TOCA Race Driver 3 and FIFA Street 2 should ensure the Xbox and PlayStation 2 remain comfortable under consumers' TV sets for the rest of the year.

At least, that's the case for the two leaders of the pack - but a browse around retail outlets will reveal little in the way of software or hardware support for Nintendo's GameCube. HMV and Woolworths have both dropped the machine, while GAME has continued to reduce space for the console. What stock is left is fighting a losing battle for shelf space, even being nudged off display ends by its portable cousins the...  

Publish at on 03/06/06

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